Info about the Grand Theft Automotive Games Series

The Grand Theft Automotive games series is a assortment of action-adventure games developed by the Rockstar North staff. The series’ first game titles were developed by brothers Setelah itu and Sam Houser and later by David Jones and Mike Dailly. More recently, the series has become developed by Aaron Garbut and Leslie Benzies. Here are some facts about the series. This post will discuss some of its most notable titles.

The GTA online games series features multiple means of transport, different weapons and missions. They are simply the first free-roaming game titles and define the genre of sandbox video games. While many of these online games are based on linear plots, the Grand Fraud Auto series offers a whole lot of flexibility to the player. In the GTA V game, players can easily explore the earth around them employing a method of method of travel, a vehicle, or a person.

The first of all GTA video game was released in 1997 and was compatible with MS-DOS and Microsoft Home windows. Later titles were manufactured by brothers Sam Houser and David Smith, who as well co-founded Rockstar North, which was previously known as DMA Design. The series is actually available on Playstation 3 or xbox. The game was developed with the help of a British development house referred to as Rockstar North. In addition to the main developers, the series also contains remastered types of earlier games.