RSU vision

  • The Red Sea University seeks to accomplish excellence in the field of higher education and scientific research on the  national, regional , and international levels in an environment of the independence , and equality contributing to research ,community services and sustainable development


RSU Mission

  • Developing academic programs in accordance with national, regional and international standards.
  • Providing the student with basics of modern knowledge and technology to develop their capabilities of innovation, leadership ,self –learning ,team-working, and competitiveness.
  • Merging the culture of total quality and continuous improvement in the educational and research process.
  • Enriching theoretical and practical knowledge according to the ethical ,social and cultural standards of the community
  • Supporting continuous learning and distance learning


RSU objectives

  • The primary objectives of the University, as stipulated in its Act, are to train manpower for the developmental needs of the Red Sea State in particular and all other Sudanese regions. It envisages the development of this skilled manpower to seek and to determine rational methods of exploitation of the vast natural resources of the country for development.
  • The objectives take into account the building up of social life within the national goals of economic development, forging national integration and promoting human and international understanding.


RSU start

RSU  owed its existence to the vision and philosophy of the Ministry of Higher Education which wished to bring and diversify the university level teaching, research and community -development education to match the ambition of the Red Sea State(RSS). The main aim is to provide well-trained and skilled manpower that could contribute positively to the realization of RSS needs and complementing the pillars of national building.

RSU Academic bodies

  • Secretariat of Academic Affairs
  •  Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research
  •  Deanship of Libraries
  •  Dean ship of Students
  •  The Statutes of the University
  •  The Council, Senate and its Standing Committees
  •  Former Council Members and Officers of the University


With around 340 academic staff, 7800 undergraduates, 4300 diploma and 1060 postgraduate students, RSU is classified as one of the largest Sudanese institutions.

RSU colleges

Faculty of Applied Science

Faculty of Engineering

 Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Education (basic)

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Economics

 Faculty of Earth sciences

Faculty of Marine science

Faculty of Developmental and Technological Studies

Faculty of Community Education

Faculty of Post-graduate Studies and Research

RSU Excellence Centres
Institute  of Marine Research

Beja Cultural Centre

Daaw’a  Centre

Women Development Centre

Unit of International Affairs

Consultancy &Investment Unit

RSU colleges and centres in the pipeline

Faculty of tourism

Faculty of pharmacy

 Faculty of agriculture

Faculty of animal production

Faculty of Education

bio fuel centre

 sahelian desert centre

Mineralogy centre

Camel centre

Aquaculture centre

RSU Strategic Plans

Rehabilitation and up grading of existing infra structures

Creation of learning and research environment

Finance control and fund raising projects

Organization set-up improvements

Diversification of knowledge and learning channels

Quality assurance and standardization programs

partnership creation for research development

Community service programs

RSU alumni strengthening and consolidation

Strengthening national and international partnerships and agreements

RSU Partnership   

1-National :

Marine Fishers Research Station / Ministry of Animal Resources

Institute of Environmental Studies / University of Khartoum (U o K)

Marine Biological Station at Suakin / Faculty of science (U o K)

  2-Regional and international:

-          Sudanese  University Union

-          Arab University Union

-          International University Union

-          Islamic university Union

-          Protocol linkage

                     South Africa / Natal University, China \ Xies .Malaysia,                  Indonesia, Norway / Bergin France /AJapan , spain, Egyption Universities (Ainshams , Asyut ,Minia ,Zagazig ,Mansura ,Sohaj ,Suezcanal)


* The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (PERSGA) 

* Institute Senckenburge Museum (Germany)  * Institute of Hydrobiology and fisheries, Hamburg University (Germany)

* University of Berlin.

* Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen (Norway)

* King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

* International Organizations ( IUCN, WWF,UNEP, UNISCO, FAO)

* ODINAFRICA (Oceanographic Data Information and Network in Africa)


Website :

Email     : infoThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone    : +249311821928

Fax         : 249311827778

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